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Attorney Referrals & Joint Ventures

Beverly Hills Injury Firm is considered a premier personal injury law firm located in Beverly Hills, California. Law firms across the country, regardless of their area of practice, have cultivated a relationship with our office by referring cases to us. We also accept cases on a joint venture/co-counsel relationship for law firms who prefer to remain engaged in the litigation phase. Our involvement and expertise bring value to the client, and, consequently, the referring attorney by maximizing the monetary recovery in the settlement/trial.  

Beverly Hills Injury Firm realizes the importance of our referral network and offers a competitive percentage of the referral fees to our referring law firm. Please contact us if you would like to refer a case to us or if you have reached a difficult phase in a case and wish to involve our firm as your co-counsel.   

We follow the California State Bar rules on all fee sharing agreements with lawyers who refer or co-counsel on cases with us. All fee sharing agreements are put in writing and signed by all parties to ensure clarity on how the fees will be split.