The spinal cord is second only to the brain in the sheer number of movements and essential functions it oversees. Spinal cord injuries damage may result in loss of motor skills, direct sensation or feeling. Because the spinal cord oversees such a wide range of bodily functions, injury to your spine can cause a wide range of health issues.

Because of the spines inability to grow new tissue, victims of spinal cord injuries are frequently left with permanent movement impairments, disabilities, and even complete paralysis. Treatments with specialists often cost thousands of dollars and increase the financial burden on their victims by the day.

No matter what your present financial situation is, few can afford or anticipate the costs of potentially lifelong treatments with specialists in this field. If your injury is a direct result of someone’s negligent or intentional behavior, you are within your right to hold that person or entity responsible for their actions. Our Attorneys at The Beverly Hills Injury Firm are dedicated advocates in Spinal Cord injuries and leaders in their fields.


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