Here in Los Angeles, we live in overpopulated public places, shared common areas, and private establishments that require constant maintenance and care. Unfortunately, many guests are injured every year by business owners, and facilities that fail to maintain proper safety protocols and measures for their establishments. For victims involved in incidents on another owner’s property, it is essential to act swiftly to preserve your rights and protect your future. Many of the incidents are minor, but some can lead to life-altering injury and may require the need to file a premises liability lawsuit.


Sometimes victims can feel embarrassed especially in slip and fall incidents and may be attempted to apply guilt on themselves. However, the United States Government has worked hard to pass laws to ensure that business and property owners take the utmost care to clear potential hazards from the premises; especially in commonly used areas.

The next important question victims often have: “Where are my rights applicable?”

The laws governing premises liability cover anywhere from government agencies and public facilities to stores and private homes as well.


Below are the Most Common Injuries sustained due to the negligence of another facility or owner.

   – Slip and Fall Incidents (Injuries occur from uneven steps, slippery walkways or a facilities failure to notify others of potential obstacles or unsafe areas)

   – Dog Bites/Animal Attacks (Injuries on residences involving an untrained or vicious animal are far too common in Los Angeles, and can be life altering for victims)

   – Poor Conditions (Los Angeles is home to many historic properties, but often poor ventilation or hazardous paints and chemicals can lead to poor living conditions and at times severe illness)

   – Crime Victims (Victims of a violent crime on a property can also be covered under this law as part of any owner’s duty is to maintain a safe property and avoid and any all foreseeable hazards, including crimes)

This delineation in law is crucial for victims because it ensures their rights are protected especially if an owner failed to provide proper security measures like adequate lighting and secure doors. Recent litigation has extended this liability to rental landlords, schools, employees and even violence incited online.

Premises liability and negligent security lawsuits can be very complicated because they frequently involve more than one business or even government agencies, each of which has a separate insurer, and sometimes multiple victims. The Beverly Hills Injury Firm not only has extensive experience handling premise liability litigation, but we have a track record of winning these complex cases.

If you or someone you know has was injured on someone else’s property, reach out to our office. We’ll help you properly preserve and fight for your rights.


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