The United States is a country of commuters, and with over 210 million licensed drivers we are a country centered around cars. California is no different. In fact, in many ways, we are an exception to the large city public transportation model with over 25 million residents licensed to drive here.

With cars being so commonplace in our daily lives, we tend to forget their potential for danger. On average, automobile accidents injure 2.5 million people across the country each year and contribute to one death every 15 minutes. Throughout our time as Los Angeles personal injury lawyers we have seen firsthand the number of victims that come away from an accident with permanent scarring like brain damage. Spinal cord injury, paralysis, amputation injuries, and the like wreak havoc in the lives of these accident victims. The worst of these accidents can end in untimely death, leaving loved ones behind to suffer both emotional and often heavy financial loss.

Vehicles and Roadways in Los Angeles

Even with recent improvements in public transportation, Los Angeles is and will be an automobile city for years to come. The sheer number of vehicles and drivers per square mile is perhaps the highest contributing factor. In urbanized Los Angeles alone, an area of 2,980 miles, over 2,100 vehicles are competing for a place on the road. Los Angeles County as a whole is home to over 7.5 million motor vehicles.

Motor Vehicle Accidents in Los Angeles

With the countrywide migration to cities and a growing population, the number of motor vehicle accidents Los Angeles can only rise in the coming years.

Los Angeles Car related Fatalities

From 2010 the number of car accident fatalities rose from 52 to 67 with almost consistent growth annually. More than 90 percent of the most dangerous intersections in the state are here in Southern California. Over 220 of these dangerous intersections reside within Los Angeles County causing upwards of 41 injury related accidents per intersection each year. The numbers only skyrocket for intersection related (hyperlink) pedestrian (hyperlink) accidents, where Los Angeles led the country with 207 deaths in 2014 alone.

Here are the most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles according to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records system in 2015.

Rank City Road Crossroad Crashes Injuries

#1 Los Angeles Devonshire St. Reseda Blvd. 24 41

#2 Los Angeles Imperial Hwy. Vista Del Mar 26 39

#3 Los Angeles Balboa Blvd. Nordhoff St. 26 37

#4 Downey Firestone Lakewood 36 32

#5 Los Angeles Lindley Ave. Roscoe Blvd. 16 31

Why should I Hire Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney?

There is often a stigma around getting a lawyer after an auto accident. It is a personal time that you may feel can be settled on your own. The truth is, if someone else’s thoughtless driving causes a serious accident for you or worse the loss of a family member, you have every legal right to hold them liable for their poor conduct. While we can never restore things to the way before the accident, we can and do help compensate people for these tragic losses caused by car crashes. Post car accident lawsuits not only help you mitigate the incredibly high medical bills, repair and other costs, but they may even set precedence to ensure that accidents like yours never happen again. We are centrally located in Los Angeles, but we frequently work with facilities in surrounding areas. We know the areas North and South of us well and are happy to assist you in your pending auto claims.


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